Tips on Renovating a Basement

Turn your basement into a functional and fun living space for the entire family to enjoy.  Basement finishing SLC can sound really intimidating and time consuming, but with the right contractor your Utah basement renovation can be a simple.

Waterproofing the Basement:

  • Be sure to check for all the signs of water damage before beginning your renovation.
  • Check for moldy doors, peeling paint, damp spots, dry rot, cracked walls, and rust on the appliances.  These can all be signs of heavy water damage.

Repainting Walls:

  • Be sure to install sturdy walls that can handle the dampness of a basement.
  • When choosing a paint color be sure to choose light colors that open up the space and brighten the entire rooms.  Creamy and buttery colors look best and bring a warm and cozy feel to the basement.
  • Another solution to brighten up your basement walls and make them feel cozy is to do one accent wallpaper wall with a warm floral print.

Make it Functional:

  • Fit the space to your needs.

-          Use half of the room as a theater or entertainment area.
-          The other half can be a game room area with a pool table or ping pong table.

  • Home theater systems are a HUGE trend in basements in Utah.
  • Projectors can be installed directly into your home and can be hooked up to your local cable provider.

Choosing the Right Furniture:

  • L-shaped sectionals are a great fit for basements.  They provide a great amount of seating and a very comfortable.
  • Always have extra seating by adding a comfy chair or bean bag for those who want a little extra room for themselves.

Entertainment Kitchen:

  • Adding an entertainment kitchen to a basement is a great way to entertain guests.
  • Allows you to store food downstairs and saves time in preparing to entertain.

Adding an Extra Bedroom

  • Adding a guest bedroom to a basement can be a solution to using that empty space in your home.
  • Gives you more room for guests to stay over without interrupting the family.

Basements have so many functions and can be so fun for the family.  It can be a process, but once the renovation is done you will have a great living space that can be enjoyed by the entire family.


Ways to Remodel a Backyard

The key to remodeling a backyard is to create a functional living space that can be used for a variety of reasons such as entertaining, gardening, and landscaping.  The first step to create a functional backyard is to have a plan, decide what is necessary and what you would like.

As you begin to form design ideas and a plan, give some thought to your personal needs and wishes for your backyard that will address such things as access and entertaining. These can be broken down into many different areas that need consideration in your analysis such as:

  • Entertaining Area
  • Recreation Areas
  • Paths and Walkways
  • Children Play Zones
  • Gardens
  • Utilities
    • These ideas can be broken down into further categories such as:
      • Swimming pools, patios, outdoor kitchens, and other areas such as garden paths, utilities, pets, walls, and fences.

Learn The Boundaries of Your Backyard:  It is important to know how much space you are working with, and if it something you can do on your own.  Most of the time backyard landscaping requires the help of a contractor.  Fine Finish Construction has some great galleries online of what their contractors and designers have done in SLC backyard renovation.  When looking through these galleries write down ideas that stick out to you.  That way when you meet with a contractor you will have a set idea and plan.

The following Features are some of the MUST HAVE elements in a backyard:

  • Patio Designs: Because of the private nature of backyards, most of them will have a patio area as a main gathering place for entertaining and relaxing.
  • Swimming Pools: Swimming pools are a great feature to any backyard, but keep in mind that they require a lot of maintenance.
  • Outdoor Fireplace: This is a great feature that can serve a great purpose in the backyard.  It is great for entertaining or for a quiet night with the family.
  • Garden Ponds: Again, another high maintenance addition. These are landscape design elements that add motion, sound, and sight to the design.

When you decide to have your Utah backyard landscaped, remember that it will take a lot of work and effort.  However once finished your backyard will quickly turn into one of your favorite place to spent time with your family.

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